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The ICC World Cup, also known as the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, is a major ODI (One Day International) cricket championship. The event will host ten teams in a total of 48 matches, and you can bet on any of them at 10CRIC. We offer the latest news, numerous Cricket World Cup 2023 betting markets, the best ICC ODI World Cup odds and also tournament news and team insights. Our up-to-date stats and cricket betting bonuses make it easy to place a profitable bet, whatever your preferences and budget.

The original format presented championships every four years, though the ICC had to reschedule the last instalment because of the pandemic. Much to the fans' delight, the 13th edition of ICC ODI is set to return and is going to take place between 5 October and 19 November 2023 in India.

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Latest World Cup Odds

The ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 is just around the corner, and cricket bettors are buzzing with excitement to see the latest CWC winner odds. And for those looking to place their bets, 10CRIC India offers some of the best 2023 World Cup odds, providing an excellent opportunity to wager on your favorite team and players. Get ready for a thrilling cricket extravaganza as the world comes together to witness the pinnacle of one-day international cricket.

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Cricket World Cup Betting

The last edition of the competition, held in 2019, feels like a distant memory, especially in the fast-changing world of cricket, so the anticipation for the 2023 ICC ODI is through the roof. If you’re excited, don’t hesitate. Thanks to 10CRIC, you can get in on the action in a more immersive way.

A comprehensive website and mobile app put the best odds at your fingertips. You’ll get to choose between a vast array of betting markets for each of the ICC ODI’s 48 matches. From match and tournament winners to total runs, top bowler, and the man-of-the-match options — you’ll be spoiled for choice.

As with every other tournament, 10CRIC will offer will make sure to offer all three major types of betting:

  • Pre-match betting will let you bet on any 2023 ODI Cup match before it starts, whether it's a few hours or days away. usually a few hours or a few days before. Choose from various markets and take advantage of the popular winner odds based on our data on past performances, head-to-head records, and pitch and weather conditions.
  • Live betting will help you wager on ODI Cup matches while they’re still underway. Watch the game unfold, track the live odds changes, and jump in at the perfect moment to grab the most generous payout.
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Cricket World Cup 2023 Predictions

The ODI Cup 2023 will begin on 5 October 2023, with the opening match between England and New Zealand at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Qualifications ended this summer. The Super League results decided on eight automatic qualifiers, including an extra spot given to the host. The June and July matches between Super League’s bottom five and the teams qualifying through League 2 and a Qualifier Play-off tournament decided the remaining two participants (the Netherlands and Sri Lanka).

To kick off the competition, the ten teams will participate in the round-robin stage. Match winners will advance to the next stage with two points, while those who tie will each earn half a point. The round-robin top four will play in the semi-finals, with the surviving two then competing for the title in the final on 19 November 2023.

10CRIC’s news, match predictors, and head-to-head articles will provide you with the inside scoop and help you keep up with the matches. Take advantage of competitive odds and engage in the excitement right here.

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Cricket World Cup 2023: All You Need To Know

ICC Cricket World Cup (ODI) is a premier professional cricket tournament in the One Day International format. It’s one of the two most popular globally-followed cricket competitions organised by the International Cricket Council. This year marks the 13th instalment of the event after a three-year delay prompted by the pandemic.

Unlike the T20 format, the ODI involves traditional longer-form cricket. It features ten teams playing 50 overs (300 balls) per inning. Matches reach the 7–8 hour timeframes, offering more strategy-building opportunities, balanced play, and steadier scoring patterns.

ICC World Cup ODI’s history stretches into the mid-1970s, predating most popular sports tournaments played today. Twelve editions have been held so far, including the 2019 ICC in the UK. You can find the list of the latest winners in the table below.

Year Host Winner
1999 England Australia
2003 South Africa Australia
2007 West Indies Australia
2011 India and Bangladesh India
2015 Australia and New Zealand Australia
2019 England and Wales England
2023 India Australia

Bet On CWC 2023


Below you can see all the fixtures so far. We constantly update this table so you can follow World Cup matches stats and make better CWC bets every game till the end.

05.10.2023 ENG - 282/9
NZ - 283/1
New Zealand won by 9 wickets
06.10.2023 PAK - 286
NED - 205
Pakistan won by 81 runs
07.10.2023 BGD - 158/4
AFG - 156
Bangladesh won by 6 wickets
07.10.2023 SA - 428/5
LKA - 326
South Africa won by 102 runs
08.10.2023 IND - 201/4
AUS - 199
India won by 6 wickets
09.10.2023 NZ - 322/7
NED - 223
New Zealand won by 99 runs
10.10.2023 ENG - 364/9
BGD - 227
England won by 137 runs
10.10.2023 PAK - 345/4
LKA - 344/9
Pakistan won by 6 wickets
11.10.2023 IND - 273/2
AFG - 272/8
India won by 8 wickets
12.10.2023 AUS - 117
Ov. 40.5/50
SA - 311/7
South Africa won by 134 runs
13.10.2023 NZ - 248/2
BGD - 245/9
New Zealand won by 8 wickets
14.10.2023 IND - 192/3
PAK - 191
India won by 7 wickets
15.10.2023 ENG - 215
AFG - 284
Afghanistan won by 69 runs
15.10.2023 AUS - 215/5
LKA - 209
Australia won by 5 wickets
17.10.2023 SA - 207
NED - 245/8
Netherlands won by 38 runs
18.10.2023 NZ - 288/6
AFG - 139
New Zealand by 149 runs
19.10.2023 IND - 261/3
BGD - 256/8
India won by 7 wickets
20.10.2023 AUS - 367/9
PAK - 305
Australia won by 62 runs
21.10.2023 NED - 262
LKA - 263/5
Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets
21.10.2023 ENG - 170
SA - 399/7
South Africa won by 229 runs
22.10.2023 IND - 274/6
NZ - 273
India won by 4 wickets
23.10.2023 PAK - 282/7
AFG - 286/2
Afghanistan by 8 wickets
24.10.2023 SA - 382/5
BGD - 233
South Africa by 149 runs
25.10.2023 AUS - 299/8
NED - 90
Australia won by 309 runs
26.10.2023 ENG - 156
LKA - 160/2
Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets
27.10.2023 PAK - 270
SA - 271/9
South Africa won by 1 wicket
28.10.2023 AUS - 388
NZ - 383/9
Australia won by 5 runs
28.10.2023 NED - 299
BGD - 142
Netherlands won by 87 runs
29.10.2023 IND - 229/9
ENG - 129
India won by 100 runs
30.10.2023 AFG - 242/3
LKA - 241
Afghanistan won by 7 wickets
31.10.2023 PAK - 205/3
BGD - 204
Pakistan won by 7 wickets
01.11.2023 NZ - 167
SA - 357/4
South Africa won by 190 runs
02.11.2023 IND - 357/8
LKA - 55
India won by 302 runs
03.11.2023 NED - 179
AFG - 181/3
Afghanistan won by 7 wickets
04.11.2023 NZ - 401/6
PAK - 200/1
Pakistan won by 21 runs (via DLS method)
04.11.2023 ENG - 253
AUS - 286
Australia won by 33 runs
05.11.2023 IND - 326.5
SA - 83
India won by 243 runs
06.11.2023 BGD - 282.7
LKA - 279
Bangladesh won by 3 wickets
07.11.2023 AUS - 293.7
AFG - 291.5
Australia won by 3 wickets
08.11.2023 ENG - 339.9
NED - 179
England won by 160 runs
09.11.2023 NZ - 172.5
LKA - 171
New Zealand won by 5 wickets
10.11.2023 SA - 247.5
AFG - 244
South Africa won by 5 wickets
11.11.2023 AUS - 307/2
BDG - 306/8
Australia won by 8 wickets
11.11.2023 ENG - 337/9
PAK - 244
England won by 93 runs
12.11.2023 IND - 410/4
NED - 250
India won by 160 runs

Semi Finals

15.11.2023 IND - 397/4
NZ - 327
India won by 70 runs
05.11.2023 SA - 212
AUS - 215/7
Australia won by 3 wickets

CWC 2023 Final

19.11.2023 INDIA - 240
Sadly, Australia won by 6 wickets

ICC World Cup 2023 Teams

As previously stated, the 2023 ICC World Cup features 10 participating teams — 8 from the latest ICC Cricket World Cup Super League leaderboard, including the host nation, and 2 from the June and July Qualifiers.

For your convenience, here is a complete list of ICC 2023 World Cup participants and their qualification methods:

Team Means of qualification
India Host
Afghanistan 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League Top 8
Australia 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League Top 8
Bangladesh 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League Top 8
England 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League Runner-up
New Zealand 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League Champion
Pakistan 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League Top 8
South Africa 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League Top 8
Sri Lanka Qualifiers
The Netherlands Qualifiers


Where did the last ICC World Cup (ODI) take place?

The last ICC World Cup in ODI format was held in England and Wales in 2019. England won the champion title for the first time in the history of the competition.

Which teams will not participate in the 2023 ICC World Cup?

Failing to progress from qualifications, West Indies, Ireland, Scotland, and Zimbabwe will miss this year’s ICC ODI Cup.

Who will win the 2023 ICC ODI Cup?

The competition is yet to start, and the prognoses vary. However, experts claim India has the best chances to win the ICC World Cup (ODI) in 2023.

Can I bet on the ICC World Cup (ODI) matches at 10CRIC?

Definitely! 10CRIC offers one of the best sports market selections and odds in India. It lets users follow and bet on all ICC ODI Cup matches on desktop and mobile devices hassle-free.

How can I place an ICC ODI Cup bet at 10CRIC?

To start betting on ICC ODI Cup matches, register an account and make a deposit. Once the money is in your balance, explore the upcoming and ongoing matches, look through our statistics and predictor data, consider the odds, and add preferred bets to your slip.

Does 10CRIC offer live betting?

It does. 10CRIC helps you back your favourites in real time by offering in-play cricket betting and live odds. Log into your account, explore our sportsbook, and jump into action today!

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