Snooker Odds & Betting

Snooker is a modern sport that was invented by British army officers while in India. Sir Neville Chamberlain (Not the ex-Prime Minister of the UK) combined the pyramid and black pool rules to create the game in 1875. He called the new game snooker, which was slang for a rookie army officer.

The game rapidly gained popularity, and by 1919, the Billiards Association and Control Club were overseeing the sport. The first professional league, the World Snooker Championship, was played in 1927. Modern snooker became popular in the late 60s, and sports bettors soon saw the gambling opportunities of this game.

10CRIC is an Indian sports betting site and we are proud to offer the best snooker odds to Indian punters, especially those who want to bet on a game that has its roots in India. Snooker betting is an exciting way to turn a sport that's great to watch into an opportunity to make some extra money.

It's easier to determine snooker odds than with more complicated sports. You can even learn the game’s rules quickly. Unlike other high-stakes sports like boxing, and even cricket, you seldom hear of game-fixing, despite the amounts of money involved. Have a look at the 10CRIC website now to start betting on snooker.

Snooker Betting Odds

Before looking at snooker 2021 betting odds, let's look at a few of the aspects of the game that you can place wagers on:

  • Frame: A frame starts when the first player breaks up the pack of red balls. The frame ends when a player concedes or has no chance of matching his opponent's points.
  • Game: A game consists of a pre-agreed odd number of frames.
  • Match: The winner of a match is the player or team that wins the most number of games that were agreed to.
  • 147 break: The highest number of points possible in snooker is 147. To achieve this score from a single break, the player needs to sink all the red balls and colour balls in sequence without missing a shot.
  • Highest break: The highest break is the most points scored off a single break. It can be anything from 1-147 points.
  • Frame betting: You can choose to bet on a single frame, game or match.

Like other sports offered at 10CRIC, you can wager before the game begins or choose to bet on an outright result. We also allow in-game wagers, where the betting odds may change if a player's performance changes.

  • Pre-game snooker betting odds: We determine the odds before the game, and bettors have the opportunity to research before placing a stake.
  • Outright snooker betting odds: You can choose to place an outright bet on a frame, game or match at our predetermined betting odds.
  • Live snooker 2021 betting odds: When you have stakes on a snooker match, it's natural to watch the game. You may spot a betting line that gives you an advantage and wager at more favourable odds than you would have had from pre-game betting.

10CRIC Snooker Betting App

At 10CRIC, we understand that our Indian bettors can't always sit at home behind a computer all day. The country's vibrant economy and innovation of our clients mean that you often bet on the move. As a result, we’ve made the 10CRIC betting app available to our registered customers. You can download the Android or iOS version from our website and retain all the options available from a desktop computer optimized for your screen.

We don't have a snooker app. Instead, you can bet on any sport you choose or make use of our casino and live casino if you decide to try your luck with slots or live casino games. You can also use the 10CRIC betting app to deposit money into your betting account with your preferred banking option.

Betting on our app is as easy as it would be on a desktop computer. You either select sports for pre-game betting or live betting if the match is already underway. Choose ‘snooker’ as your sports option and select the specific game where you want to place your bet. Clicking or tapping on the button adds your selection to your betting slip. All you need to do then is decide on the amount of your stake and make your wager.

Withdrawing your winnings from our app is also easy. Like the deposit, you have access to all your favourite banking options. Download the 10CRIC betting app to have all the benefits of our desktop site while you're on the go.

Snooker 2021 Betting Promotions

We don't have any snooker promotions right now. Still, you can use many of the 10CRIC bonuses for any sport, including snooker. New players can claim a generous welcome bonus on our site. We look after our existing customers with regular promotions, cash back on losing bets and casino or deposit bonuses.

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Snooker 2021

The pandemic has affected every facet of our lives, and snooker is no different. Many of the scheduled events in 2020 and 2021 have new dates or venues. The snooker players felt that playing behind closed doors and not allowing an audience would be detrimental to the sport and unfair to fans.

The Snooker World Championship is the king of snooker events; we expect it to finish in April or May 2021, but keep up with the news in case the dates or venues change. The events were scheduled to be held in the UK, but the lockdown has delayed all non-essential activities. However, the government has started relaxing regulations as their vaccination program gains momentum.

The World Snooker Championship is the second of the triple crown events to be played in 2021. Yan Bingtao of China won the invitational masters earlier this year. Ronnie O’Sullivan is defending the World Snooker Championship title and hoping for a seventh win, equalling past master of the sport, Stephen Hendry. He has stiff competition from the favourite, Judd Trump. Other serious contenders for his title include Mark Selby, Neil Robertson and John Higgins.

The third of the significant snooker events is the UK Championship, scheduled between 23 November and 5 December.

Snooker Events 2021

Betting is open now for the World Snooker Championships. The next of the three significant snooker events is the UK Championship, which will occur in November and December. There have been more than a few upsets and legendary comebacks in the championships so far this year, giving bettors a chance to make some extra cash on newer players.

Kyren Wilson remains an excellent choice to bet on with a chance of an excellent return at odds of 17.00. You could also take the safe option on Ronnie O’Sullivan or the current favourite Judd Trump. Suppose you have access to the viewing schedules and live matches. In that case, frame betting will give you a quick return and a chance to judge players' form during individual games.

Whichever way you bet, the snooker world championships have enough opportunities for you to make a decent profit from snooker betting. Head to the 10CRIC website for the latest events and odds on the players. Check the betting lines for a chance to make some money from this prestigious sport.

Snooker Betting Predictions

It's not easy to make snooker predictions, as this is a sport that constantly changes. We spoke to a few people in the know for snooker tips on the World Snooker Championship.

Judd Trump

Judd Trump seems to be in the best form of his life, and the odds reflect this. He has won two of the last four tournaments and doesn't look like losing his touch soon. Trump is a solid and safe choice for bettors, but other players have an equal chance of winning the second snooker crown of 2021.

Ronnie O’Sullivan

The current titleholder has a lot to prove. He has the incentive to win his seventh world championship. He beat Kyren Wilson last year to take his sixth world championship. Ronnie is a steady player, not easily flustered and another solid choice for bettors.

Kyren Wilson

Wilson has shown consistent improvements in his performance at the World Snooker Championship. He first reached the quarter-finals in 2016 and has improved his form since then, losing to Ronnie O’Sullivan in last year's final. Winning his first world championship this year is the only way to improve on his performance now. At odds of 17.00, this could potentially be a profit-making wager.

John Higgins

John Higgins has shown excellent form this year and has a chance to edge the other top players out. Online bookmakers have noticed this and adjusted the odds of his winning the tournament accordingly. He has edged ahead of Kyren Wilson and is almost level with Mark Selby on the chances of winning the championship.

Mark Selby

Mark's style is suited to the longer format, and he has every chance of beating the other players in his part of the draw. Betting on Selby could easily net you an eightfold profit.