How do I earn points?

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How can I join 10CRIC Loyal Club?

The 10CRIC Loyalty Club is open and available to all registered members of the 10CRIC site. Once you become a 10CRIC customer and start betting on any sports or playing your favourite casino games, you will automatically join the 10CRIC Loyalty Club by earning 10CRIC Loyalty Points. You need 10 points in order to start benefitting from the Loyalty Club tiers that await you and you can read about more below.

How can I earn 10CRIC Loyalty Points?

The moment you start placing sports bets or play any casino games, you will start collecting 10CRIC Loyalty Points. Furthermore, you can use the Points Calculator to check how many 10CRIC Loyalty Points a certain sports or casino bet will earn you.

What are the benefits of joining 10CRIC Loyalty Club? What can I get with my 10CRIC Loyalty Points?

As a member of the 10CRIC Loyalty Club, you will be rewarded with 10CRIC Loyalty Points for every bet you place or casino game you play. You can then exchange these points for great prizes available in the Marketplace. Speaking of which, there are different types of rewards to choose from, including: Free Spins, Free Bets, Sports and Casino Bonuses. All of them can then help you claim real-money winnings.

Can I earn 10CRIC Loyalty Points by playing casino or live casino games?

Yes, you can. Any game available on the 10CRIC site will earn you 10CRIC Loyalty Points once you play it.

Can I earn 10CRIC Loyalty Points by betting on sports events?

Yes, each sports bet you place will add Loyalty points to your balance, regardless of the sports league, event, or sport you are wagering on. To see how many points exactly you can earn from your sports betting action, make sure you take advantage of our special Points Calculator.

How do I know how many points I can earn?

You can check that by entering your stake amount in the Points Calculator above and it will automatically show you how many points each type of bet would reward you with.

Do I accumulate 10CRIC Loyalty Points while playing with bonus funds?

Yes, you generate Loyalty Points while playing with bonus funds. However, please keep in mind that while playing with Free Spins you cannot accumulate Loyalty Points.

Do 10CRIC Loyalty Points have an expiry date? How long can I keep them?

10CRIC Loyalty Points do not have an expiry date. In other words, the Loyalty Points you’ve already earned will not expire even if there is no further activity within your account.

Can I convert my 10CRIC Loyalty Points into cash?

No, the 10CRIC Loyalty Points cannot be converted into cash. You can use the Points only to get rewards available in the Marketplace, including: Free Spins, Free Bets, Sports and Casino Bonuses.

Are there any wagering requirements for the rewards claimed from the marketplace?

Yes, there are. Before you exchange points for a marketplace reward, please read the T&Cs in the description of each reward to find out the exact requirements.

What are Loyalty levels?

The 10CRIC Loyalty club has different levels with every level offering different rewards. Remember – you need to generate 10 Loyalty Points in order to start benefitting from the tiers. Each level or tier, apart from the lowest one (tier 0), which is called Locked, has a wide range of prizes and benefits, which become more and more attractive the higher you go. Once you reach Bronze level, you start enjoying these benefits. By advancing to the next levels of the Loyalty Club, you will earn access to more valuable rewards. The higher the level, the bigger the benefits. What’s more, you will be getting your hands on exclusive rewards that are not available to the majority of the 10CRIC customers. Have in mind that when you bet more, you earn points faster. So start earning points by betting on your favourite teams and sports or play our fantastic collection of Casino games. Don’t forget that you can use the Points Calculator to check how many 10CRIC Loyalty Points a certain sports or casino bet will reward you with.

How do I know which level I am currently in?

You can check the tier you are in simply by clicking on the menu of your account and then go to the Loyalty Club section. There you can see your current level and make yourself familiar with the progress needed for achieving the next level.

How can I move to the next level?

Once you start betting on any sports or playing casino, you automatically collect 10CRIC Loyalty Points. The more points you have, the higher level you will go to. For your own convenience, you can see your current level and track the progress needed for achieving the next level in the Loyalty section of our site. Once you move to the next level, you will get exclusive gifts along with the new and more premium rewards that are up for grabs at your new level. An important thing to keep in mind - you do not lose rewards from your previous levels once you change tiers.

What is a Mystery Box?

Mystery boxes are rewards given for achieving a new level. When you advance to the next Loyalty level, you will be rewarded with a certain number of mystery boxes (the exact amount of boxes for each level is visible on the Loyalty Club page). Once you reach them, you will see the amount of rewards you’ve got access to, but you won’t know what kind of rewards exactly these boxes contain. The reward could be in the form of bonuses, free spins, a merchandise item, a subscription etc.. Important: the Mystery boxes can`t be traded or exchanged for other rewards. To claim the prize from a Mystery box, you need to select it in order to be opened, then wait for the countdown to pass or open it immediately for a point cost, and then collect each reward one at a time until you open all boxes.

How can I get a Mystery Box?

You can claim a certain Mystery Box by moving to an upper tier. For example, once you move from a Bronze to Silver tier, a Mystery reward will appear in your ‘Loyalty’ section. If you want to access your reward, you need to select one and elect it to open. A countdown will start, and then you have two options - you can either choose to open the reward box immediately for a point cost or you can wait for the assigned time to collect your prize. You can claim each reward one at a time until all boxes are opened. Even better, you keep all the rewards from previous levels as well!

Do I lose all my rewards when I move up to a new level?

No! The rewards from all previous levels remain accessible in your account and you enjoy them whenever you want.

10CRIC Loyalty Club

We are happy to introduce our new richly rewarding program, 10CRIC Loyalty Club. We’ve created this program to show all our loyal players how special you are for us and once you become a part of the big 10CRIC family, the prizes will just keep coming your way! Join in now and start earning and redeeming reward points. The more points you earn, the more free spins and free bets you’ll get!

The Essence Of 10CRIC Loyalty Club Reward Program

We’ve made this program simple yet effective. You will earn Loyalty points based on your casino or sports gameplay. There is a special Point Calculator you can use in order to check and learn how many points you could get with one spin or bet. Once you start collecting your points, you can exchange them for various types of rewards, such as: free spins, free bets, or exclusive sports and casino bonuses from 10CRIC’s marketplace! The more you play, the more and bigger rewards you get.

Sports Betting Rewards: The More You Bet, The More You Earn

Depending on how much you bet on sports betting events at 10CRIC you will earn Points and move up or down a level every week. The more points you earn, the more FREE BETS you can get your hands on. You’ll also be entitled to exclusive bonus offers, 24/7 support and personal VIP hosts.

Casino Rewards: More Free Spins, Greater Chances Of Winning A Jackpot

Depending on how much you play at 10CRIC casino and you will earn Loyalty Points and move up or down a level every week. The more points you earn, the more FREE SPINS you’ll earn. You’ll also be entitled to exclusive bonus offers, 24/7 support, personal VIP hosts and some FREE casino games.

Main Benefits Of 10CRIC Loyalty Program

Depending on how much you deposit and how much you wager, you will receive various rewards. At 10CRIC Loyalty Club you might enjoy:

  • Free Spins
  • Free Bets
  • Exclusive Sports Bonuses
  • Exclusive Casino Bonuses

What Are Loyalty Points and How Can I Earn Them?

Almost every Loyalty Program in the online gambling world uses loyalty points. These points are accumulated through betting and spending real money on the site.

Every sportsbook sets its own exchange rate. For example, ₹1 wagered awards you 1 loyalty point. In a typical Loyalty Program like the 10CRIC Loyalty Club, these points stay in your account for a specific time, and you can use them to buy various prizes.

If not, they simply advance you through Loyalty Program levels, like experience points. With each new level or tier, you receive specific rewards.

Naturally, the exact details of how you earn loyalty points differ for each site, and the 10CRIC Loyalty Program has its own unique way for you to earn them.

What Is a Loyalty Program?

A Loyalty Program represents a Program that awards players in online casinos and sportsbooks numerous rewards for being loyal members of the site.

These programs are not new and have been with us for a long time offline and, in the last decade or so, in the online world as well.

A Loyalty Program like the 10CRIC reward program keeps track of players' gambling activities. The site tracks each bet on a sports match, and then issues rewards accordingly.

In a Program like the 10CRIC Loyalty Club Program, money wagered is typically counted as loyalty points that are tallied on the site. With them, you can advance through levels to win prizes like free bets, new bonuses, and even real-world prizes like smartphones and laptops.

Naturally, the details vary from site to site. Still, the point of every Loyalty Program is effectively the same — it quantifies how loyal a player is and rewards them accordingly for that loyalty.

The good thing is that you don’t have to keep track of points or how much you’re wagering, the dedicated Loyalty Program page does that for you. You only need to check it occasionally to see how far off you’ve gotten and what rewards you can get.

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