Handball Odds & Betting

Handball might not be the most popular sport in India, but it does have a strong following within the country. Fans throughout India have grown to love this high-scoring sport for its nonstop action and fast-paced nature. As a result, betting on handball events has also become an established part of the sport for many Indian punters.

Several sportsbooks, including 10CRIC, have begun offering handball betting odds for matches. Established in 2012, 10CRIC is a well-known bookmaker that primarily serves Indian audiences. Our betting site provides punters with odds on more than 60 sports around the world. We also offer some of the best handball 2022 betting odds.

You’re also likely to be intrigued by our range of unique promotional offers for both online casino players and sports punters. You may also enjoy the solid 10CRIC loyalty program and our convenient mobile app. These items make 10CRIC an excellent bookmaker for you to place your bets on handball with, especially if you enjoy live betting. We offer a unique live betting platform, complete with some of the best live betting odds.

Handball 2022 Betting Odds

Even if you're new to sports gambling, you may still want to relax and enjoy placing some bets on handball matches; you may even want to bet on the larger tournaments and significant events. However, to fully enjoy your experience with handball 2022 betting odds, you'll need to be familiar with some of the details of betting.

You’re likely to need an elementary understanding of three primary varieties of bets: pre-match bets, outright bets and live bets. As you might expect, pre-match bets are a type of bet that’s placed on a match or an event before it begins. Pre-match bets offer a large advantage in that the betting odds are less prone to dramatic shifts than in other betting forms.

This stability allows you more time to study the markets and conduct any necessary research. These odds also help you to make fully-informed decisions on two different critical questions: whether it’s worth your time to place any bets at all and (if so) what bets you want to make.

A live bet is placed while the game is still being played. Generally speaking, this form of betting is best suited for cases where there's a firm favourite going into the game. Such instances will grant you access to much better betting odds than you'd get in pre-match betting.

An outright bet is placed on a whole competition at once, either before or occasionally during the competition. This type of bet's risk level is notably higher than it is in other forms of betting. Still, the payout also tends to be higher, as does your overall level of emotional investment in each game's outcome.

10CRIC Handball Betting App

The 10CRIC mobile app for Android and iOS provides you with the ability to place a bet from anywhere. To get this app, you'll need to have registered for an account with 10CRIC. As a result, getting it will give you access to competitive odds for dozens of sports. Everything from basketball and handball, to tennis and kabaddi, is available with the app. It will also give you access to the most recent scores from sports events occurring around the world.

You can use the 10CRIC betting app to place live bets as well. If neither sports betting or live betting appeal to you, you can also use the app to play in the 10CRIC casino. This handball app is designed to be relatively intuitive and thus, simple to use.

To place a bet using the app, just click on the tab for the sport you'd like to bet on. Once you've done that, the site will bring you to a screen displaying match scores and a variety of available betting options. From this page, you should be able to locate betting markets and place bets.

We use the latest technologies to ensure that the 10CRIC app is entirely safe and secure. Our multilingual customer support team is available at any time to offer you their high-quality service and expertise.

The app also allows you to pick from a broad range of payment methods. This incorporates everything from Skrill and Mastercard, to AstroPay and Paytm. We have also prioritised maximising payout speed as much as possible.

Handball 2022 Betting Promotions

Registering with 10CRIC provides access to a wide range of unique bonuses and promotional offers. No matter what you like to gamble on or what your promotional requirements are, you're likely to find some handball promotions that will work for you. Even the bonus offers and promotions that don't directly relate to handball might still catch your attention.

For example, the sports welcome bonus divided into three parts is well worth your attention. You'll be awarded a bonus of up to ₹70,000 with each of your first three deposits. The welcome bonus also offers you either a free sports bet or free spins on The King.

Several of the bonuses and promotional offers from 10CRIC are specifically designed for the convenience of gamblers who are betting on particular sports. This includes cricket, futsal and handball. We also provide special offers for all of the major tournaments.

However, there are also a range of other available promotions for any customer at 10CRIC, even if they don't have any interest in sports betting. These promotions include various bonuses and promotions designed for casino players and for anyone who enjoys live betting.

For instance, the IPL Weekly Money Maker promotional offer will provide you with a ₹2,000 casino bonus every week if you use the promotional code while depositing a minimum of ₹5,000. Other promotional offers that non-sports gamblers may be interested in include the Slots Refund Wednesday offer (up to ₹5,000 refunded every Wednesday) and the ₹20,000 welcome bonus for the live casino.

However, you should be aware that the promotional offers and bonuses that are being offered may change at any time, including the promotions mentioned above. For information on the latest promotional offers, please consult our promotions page.

Handball Tournaments in 2022

Although this year is not as eventful as 2021 was for the world of handball, there are still many notable tournaments and events you should know about, especially if you’re interested in placing some bets.

Last year saw the Olympics and the two IHF World Championships. Most important events happen in odd years, as is the case with the world championships for men and women and the men’s junior championship. Still, the handball tournaments 2022 roster is not a bad one for 10CRIC punters.

Let’s take a look at the more notable upcoming tournaments in 2022:

  • 62nd EHF Champions League is taking place from 15 September 2021 to 19 June 2022. The club competition has 16 teams.
  • 24th Asian Men's Club League Handball Championship is being held from 21 to 30 June in India. Nine teams from six confederations will participate.
  • 23rd Women’s Junior World Handball Championship is scheduled from 22 June to 3 July in Slovenia. Thirty-two teams from five confederations will compete
  • 25th African Men’s Handball Championship will be held from 9 to 19 July. Fourteen teams from the CAHB confederation will take part in the competition.
  • 9th Women’s Youth World Handball Championship is taking place from 30 July to 10 August in North Macedonia. Thirty-two teams from six confederations are set to participate.
  • 16th IHF Men’s Super Globe is slated for 17–23 October in Saudi Arabia. Ten clubs from six different confederations are attending the event.
  • 15th EHF European Women's Handball Championshipis being held from 4 to 20 November in Slovenia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. Sixteen teams from the EHF confederation will participate.

Handball Betting Predictions in 2022

Making a good handball prediction 2022 is essential if you want to have a better chance of winning the bet. Naturally, this goes for every match and tournament on which you wager.

If you’re a big fan of handball, making more accurate predictions will be easier once you have the information you need to make better bets. Staying informed is crucial in this matter, so if you’re not already following the world of handball, you may want to do so if you intend to bet on it regularly.

It’s good to stay informed on the current state of teams and individual players, including their history and performance in previous events. Naturally, you don’t have to learn it all by heart. You can simply read up on the players you want to bet on just ahead of the match.

If you want to save some time, we can also help you here and give you some useful tips and insights based on our own thorough research. For example, Barcelona has the biggest chance of winning the 2021–22 EHF Champions League. THW Kiel also has good odds, but Barcelona is a strong favourite.

Handball Best Players in 2022

The world of handball is filled to the brim with many outstanding players, many of whom qualify as some of the world’s best.

The Swedish centre-back Jim Gottfridsson is undoubtedly one of them, as he was named the Most Valuable Player for the Men’s EHF EURO of 2022.

Denmark’s goalkeeper Niklas Landin Jacobsen, who plays on the Danish national team and THW Kiel, is still one of the top players. He was IHF World Player of the Year two times in a row in 2019 and 2021 (there were no awards in 2020).

Mikkel Hansen, playing for the Denmark national team and Paris Saint-Germain, is the highest-paid player at the moment and certainly one of the top handball players in the world. A close second in these rankings is his club teammate Nikola Karabatic, playing on the French national team.

In India, one of the top players at the moment is certainly goalkeeper Atul Kumar, the captain of the national handball team. Besides him, we should also mention Siva Prasad Saseendran Nair, Thapaswin Reddy, Mitul, Sumit, Mohit Yadav, Arjun, and Shinde Bhushan Jyoti Ram.

Origins of Handball

Handball is one of the oldest sports games played with a ball whose origins can be traced back to Ancient Rome. There are also indications that Ancient Greece also had some form of handball.

Later on, it was played as a bare-handed game in France and Spain. The name of this pastime was pelota, and it’s effectively the predecessor of modern jai alai.

Britain first got a true glimpse of handball in the 16th century. This game, called fives, was very different from the modern version we all know today. However, the true predecessor of modern handball emerged in Ireland. In fact, rumor has it that some forms of handball came to the Emerald Isle as early as the 11th century.

In the middle of the 19th century, Irish people regularly held minor tournaments in towns and counties. They used hard leather-covered balls and played in courts similar to what we use today.

The game was then taken to the US by Irish emigrants in the 1880s, with the first handball court built in 1886. It didn’t take too long for the first international handball match to take place in 1887 between an Irish and an American champion

As for team handball, it truly came into its own at the end of the 19th century in Northern Europe, primarily in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. A Danish gym teacher and an Olympic medalist, Holger Nielsen, drafted the first rulebook in 1906.

The first modern set of rules appeared in 1917, written by Karl Schelenz, Max Heiser, and Erich Konigh. The exact date was 29 October 1917, and it’s now viewed as the date when handball was born. Germany and Belgium played the first international game under these rules in 1925.

Handball flourished in the north European countries in the following decades, but it gained even more traction in the 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich. After that, the sport became incredibly popular in Eastern Europe, and the region's countries became dominant forces in handball soon after.