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Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money with 10CRIC

Teen Patti (also known as 3 Patti) is one of the most famous Indian games. 10CRIC is giving you the chance to play the original Teen Patti online with real money. With sleek graphics and seamless gameplay, our online Teen Patti platform is your ultimate destination for endless entertainment. Don't miss out on the fun – sign up today and start winning big!

What Is Teen Patti Real Cash Game Live?

Teen Patti, also known as Three Patti or 3 Patti, is one of South Asia's most popular table and card games. It originated in India as a modified version of the British Three Card Brag, where the game got its name as 'teen patti' means three cards.

Its simple rules and accessible and dynamic gameplay helped it gain sympathy with gambling fans across the entire country. It grew to be the favourite pastime of families and friends on special occasions. Because of this, Teen Patti remains closely associated with various religious Hindu celebrations, especially Diwali. test

Nevertheless, holidays and get-togethers are no longer the only places where people play it. The game outgrew social gatherings and evolved with the rise of the gambling industry in India. The Digital age and expansion of iGaming took its popularity to another level — live Teen Patti, becoming the most played and downloaded online casino game in the country.

You can now find Teen Patti real cash game on numerous online gambling sites, including 10CRIC. All you need to do is explore the game's betting limits, decide on your wagers, and try your luck. But, if you're not sure how it works or what you need to do to play it, check out the following paragraphs first. You'll find all the info you need.

How to Play Teen Patti Real Cash Game Live on 10CRIC?

Teen Patti live game features one of the most straightforward gameplays and simple rules. It's what makes it so loved among beginners and old hands alike. So, throw all your worries about learning the rules and understanding the gameplay out of the window and keep reading.

The first step is creating a 10CRIC account if you don't have one. The process is quite simple — you'll have to provide some personal info and agree to the terms. Once your account is active, use your preferred payment method to deposit some cash. You can start the game as soon as your deposited funds appear in your account balance.

Teen Patti online cash game features a standard, 52-card deck and anywhere from two to six players. The action starts just like in a rummy or poker — every player needs to make a bet, called Ante. Such a wager represents the boot amount, and it sits in the centre of the table as the minimum amount of cash at stake.

After the dealer collects the Antes, all players receive three cards. They're usually face-down unless you're playing a different version of Teen Patti. Players proceed by either calling, which essentially continues the game without increasing the bet or raising, which requires adding cash to the pot. They do so by playing Seen or Blind. We'll explain these concepts in more detail in one of the sections below.

This betting process continues in each round, creating a gradually larger pot. The players still in the game at the end reveal their hands, and the one with the best hand wins the entire pot.

Teen Patti Bonus Code on 10CRIC?

You can earn an impressive bag of cash by playing Teen Patti online game without using any bonuses. However, a 10CRIC offers a fantastic multi-part welcome bonus package that will make this game even more rewarding for new players. Here's how the funds are released:

  • 1st deposit — 150% up to ₹15,000 (BOSSPLAY1)

  • 2nd deposit — 200% up to ₹20,000 (BOSSPLAY2)

  • 3rd deposit — 250% up to ₹25,000 (BOSSPLAY3)

To claim this Teen Patti bonus you need to deposit at least the minimum qualifying amount of ₹1,000 by using the appropriate code. However, if you choose to deposit ₹10,000 or more, you'll get a 10% up to ₹2,000 match deposit bonus on top of the existing offer. You must fulfil the 20x rollover requirements to withdraw the bonus funds. This promotion will expire 15 days after activation. Check all of our promotions and offers.

This is not all 10CRIC has prepared for its newcomers. All players who've triggered the welcome bonus will also be eligible for a ₹500 Free Bet offer. The operator will reward you with ₹500 either after you've fulfilled the bonus requirements or after you've spent the bonus funds and the bonus is no longer active. You can use the Free Bet funds for betting on any available sports market with 1.50 minimum odds. This offer will expire 14 days after its activation.

Teen Patti Rules

Real Teen Patti cash game online rules aren't much more difficult to learn than its gameplay. We've discussed some basics in the section above already, so there are only two more things you'll need to learn — betting rules and hand rankings.

Three Patti requires all the players to make bets before and after they receive their three cards, as we've mentioned. However, these two bets aren't the same. This game's rules also stipulate that each player needs to place a bet that matches the previous bet in the game (the current stake), even if it's bigger than their initial wager. For example, if a player's Ante was 2 units, and a previous player placed a 4 unit additional bet, their next additional bet must be 4 units.

Decisions about betting in this game should depend on the hand you've been dealt. Strong hands merit raises, while weaker ones require calls. Here's how all Teen Patti hands rank from highest to lowest:

  1. Trail or Set — These terms stand for three cards of the same rank. They represent the strongest hand in Teen Patti.

  2. Pure sequence or the Straight Flush — This hand comprises three consecutive cards of the same suit.

  3. Sequence (or run) — These names stand for three consecutive cards of different suits.

  4. Colour or Flush — This hand includes three cards of the same suit that are not in any sequence, making it the fourth strongest hand.

  5. Pair or Two of a Kind — As the name suggests, this hand consists of two cards of the same rank and value and any other card.

  6. High Card — This term refers to three cards with different values and suits. If all players have this hand, the winner is determined by comparing two of their highest-rank cards.

Teen Patti Variations

Numerous great Teen Patti variations developed over the years due to this game's popularity. They share most of the basic rules and gameplay we've discussed but differ in a few key areas. We've created a short review of some of the most famous variants to help you decide which ones you should play. Take a look at them below:

  1. Mufliss — Mufliss or Lowball is a Teen Patti variant that uses a reverse hand ranking to the standard game. Here, the strongest hand is the High Card, while the weakest one is the Trail or Set.

  2. Sudden Death — In this Teen Patti online game, the dealer distributes the entire 52-card deck among the players. After the deal, players drop cards from their hands onto the table intermittently until one of the other players shouts, “Stop!” Each player then picks three of the highest-ranking cards from their hand and compares them to those of the rest. The strongest hand wins.

  3. 999 — This variant aims to get as close as possible to 9–9–9 hand. All cards are valued according to the numbers printed on them, except Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks. Aces have a value of 1, and the other three card types have a zero value.

  4. High Wild — This 3 Patti variation features all standard rules except for one. It allows players to swap their lowest-rank card for any other card they like and create a stronger hand.

  5. Discard One — The dealer gives players four instead of three cards in this variant. They must choose one card to discard, and then they must play Chaal with the remainder of the players. The rest of the rules are standard.

  6. Little King — Here, your lowest-rank card and all King cards are jokers. They can have any value you wish to help you complete the hand you already have.

  7. Lallan Kallan — This variant allows you to use the odd colour card in your hand as your joker. For example, if you have two red cards, the third black one will be your joker.

  8. AK47 — All Aces, Kings, 4s, and 7s are jokers in this version of Teen Patti. Other rules follow standard practice.

  9. One-eyed Jack — Here, Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts act as jokers. The rest of the rules are standard.

  10. Draw — This Teen Patti version allows players to swap one of the cards in their hand for another they request from the dealer. However, they must place another bet in the pot before they get the said card.

  11. Stud — Stud Teen Patti online poker features standard rules with one exception. One of the cards in your hand will be a face-up or Street card and visible to other players.

  12. 4x Boot — 4x Boot Teen Patti shares its rules with the classic game but features a slightly different betting system. Players' Ante bet must be 4x the regular boot value.

  13. 2 Cards Open — The croupier deals two face-up cards and one hole card to each player in this game. They have to base their bet on what the third hole card could be. In addition to that, this version doesn't allow Blinds or Chaal play.

  14. Pack Jack — In this Teen Patti variant, the dealer places three face-up cards in the centre of the table, serving as jokers for all the players. As soon as a player folds, their three cards take the centre place and become new jokers.

  15. Cobra — This unusual version is played with one hole card per player. Each player places the card they've received on their forehead so they cannot see it, but others can. The winner is the player with the highest-ranked card.

Which Live Casino Games Can I Play at 10CRIC

If you've ever searched for Teen Patti online, chances are you've come across Teen Patti Star or Teen Patti Gold. So, let's explore what these terms stand for and how they relate to the Teen Patti game we've discussed.

Teen Patti Star is an online card game in the form of a standalone app. You can download it from your Google Play or Apple Store, depending on your device. It's pretty popular among Indian Teen Patti fans and has high ratings in both online stores. The app features a user-friendly interface, colourful graphics, and several variants of Teen Patti. You might recognize titles like Mufliss and AK47 from our Teen Patti variants section above.

Teen Patti Gold isn't much different. It's also a standalone app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It has over 6 million active players across the country, and it's become quite a household name in the industry. The app features several versions of Teen Patti but includes two other popular Indian card games Teen Patti Star does not — Andar Bahar and Rummy. You can play any of them with other players who use the app, including your friends and family.

Both mobile apps are free for download and feature standard Teen Patti rules. They allow you to enjoy the game whenever and wherever you are.

How to Place a Bet on Teen Patti Real Cash Game?

The betting process is one of the most important parts of Teen Patti's gameplay. The outcome of the game and your chances of winning depend on it. So, you must understand it well before playing.

As you know by now, each 3 Patti real cash game starts with a round of betting regardless of the variant. All players at the table need to make an Ante bet before they receive any cards. This creates the boot amount in the pot.

The betting starts from the player sitting to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise around the circle. The process is repeated once the players receive their cards. However, Teen Patti casino game rules allow players to choose whether they want to make this additional bet or not. If they believe their hand isn't strong enough, they can fold. Conversely, if they think they can beat the other players, they can play Blind or Seen.

Blind players choose not to look at their cards before adding another bet into the pot. Three Patti blind play requires them to wager at least the current stake amount — the amount each player at the table put in the pot as an Ante. They can bet more than that as long as their bet is less than twice the current stake.

Seen players, also known as Chaal players, choose to look at their hands before making any additional bets. Because the knowledge of their hand is an advantage, these players have to make larger additional bets than blind players. They have to bet at least twice but not more than four times the amount of the current stake.

The current stake changes in line with the decisions of the last player. If you're playing after a blind player, your current stake will be equal to that blind player's last bet. Nevertheless, if you're playing after a seen player, your current stake will be half the amount of their bet.

Some Teen Patti variants let players pick or request another card from the dealer. They may exchange this card for one that's already in their hand or just add it to their hand. However, another card usually comes with a fee. They have to make an additional wager to the pot to pay for the card they'll get. The amount they have to wager depends on the rules of the variation they're playing. For instance, in Draw, this additional wager has to match the amount the players agreed on before the game started.

All players get to pick how they'll play in each betting round. They don't have to repeat the decision they made in the previous round. So, you can choose blind play for the first round, become a seen player by looking at your cards in the next, and fold in the following one. You must make additional wagers if you wish to stay in the game. As soon as you fold, you lose the game and the amount you've bet before that moment.

The betting will continue as long as players are still in the game. The winner is revealed when all but one player has folded or when one of the two remaining players requests a show. Nevertheless, there are some Teen Patti variations where the number of betting rounds is restricted. They limit the game to 6–10 rounds and let the players agree on that number before the game starts. An example of such a variant is High-Low Split.

Teen Patti — Details You Must Know

Besides the process we've discussed above, there are a few more things you should know about betting in Teen Patti. They have to do with the outcome of the game, hand rankings, and limits. For your convenience, we'll consider each of these concepts below.

Teen Patti can end in two different ways:

  1. All but one player have folded — The remaining player is the winner regardless of the ranking of their hand.

  2. All but two players have folded — One of the remaining players requires a show (showdown).

A show is a part of the Teen Patti casino game where two players reveal and compare their cards to decide a winner. You can only request a show if you're a blind player or if you're a seen player who's facing another seen player.

To demand a show, you have to pay a particular fee. Blind players' fee for a show is equal to the current stake, while seen players' fee for a show is valued at twice the current stake. You have to play before the show takes place. After all hands are exposed, the player with the higher ranking hand wins. If the hands are equal, the player who didn't request the show wins.

Apart from the show at the end of the game, there's another way players can request to compare cards. This part is called a compromise, which can happen at any time during the betting rounds, as long as certain conditions are met.

A compromise or a sideshow is part of the game where one of the players asks another player to compare hands. It can only happen if all the players at the table are seen, and you can only request it from the seen player who acted before you.

Once you ask for a sideshow, the player before you can refuse or accept the offer. If they refuse the offer, the game continues as usual. If they accept the offer, the two of you compare hands privately. The player with the lower-ranking hand loses and must fold. If the two hands are equal in ranking, the player who asked for the sideshow must fold. The game continues as it should after that.

We've already addressed hand ranking in Teen Patti in one of the sections above, we won't spend too much time on this topic. However, you might find it useful to learn about hand probability. This way, you'll better understand your opponent's winning chances and know what hands you should strive to create.

Straight Flush and Three of a Kind are hands with the worst probability in Teen Patti — they appear around 0.22% of the time. Straights, Flushes, and Pairs rank a little better with 3.26%, 4.96%, and 16.94% odds, respectively. The lowest ranking hand, High Card, has the best probability in this game — 74.39%.

Teen Patti limits refer to the amounts players can bet or raise. They change depending on the game and casino where you're playing. You can play this game with a fixed, spread, no, or pot limit.

In the fixed limit Teen Patti, the maximum raise is the current stake. The spread limit allows players to raise up to the pre-agreed amount. No limit versions come with no restrictions on the maximum bet, and pot limit games let players raise up to the amount equal to the entire pot's worth before their bet. All versions have their advantages and disadvantages based on your preference and bankroll.

Teen Patti Casino Games on 10CRIC

If you feel ready to start gaming, go straight to the 10CRIC game lobby. The search engine will help you reach all Teen Patti games the site hosts in a few clicks. Every one has its own benefits, but three stand out from the bunch in quality and popularity. We're referring to One Day Teen Patti, 20/20 Teen Patti VIP, and Teen Patti Live. We've reviewed each one to help you choose between them. Take a look below:

One Day Teen Patti is a live dealer table and cards game by Ezugi, a well-known game developer. The game follows classic Teen Patti rules, but its gameplay features a twist. Players in this live cash game don't face each other or the dealer, as in many other online Teen Patti versions. Instead, they bet on or against virtual players 1 or 2 whose hands you can see on the table in the stream. The betting rounds last for 10 seconds, the betting range spans from around €1 to €1,000 (₹79 to ₹79.600), and the game has a 98.93% RTP.

20-20 Teen Patti is another of Ezugi's popular live titles but more traditional than the version above. Players place an Ante and face the dealer — they get three face-up cards, and the dealer gets three hole ones. The two hands get compared to reveal the winner in the end. However, the dealer has to qualify to be able to compare hands with you. They need to have a High Card with a Queen or better, or their opponent automatically wins. This game features €1 to €1,000 (₹79 to ₹79.600) betting limits, 1000:1 max win, and a 96.63% RTP.

Teen Patti Live is a game from another online gambling industry juggernaut — Evolution Gaming. This game works in the exact same way as the one we've described above. Nevertheless, it offers two side bets that can make you a little bit of money along the way.

Pair Plus side bet will reward you if you can make a Pair or a better hand out of three cards you've received. The 6 Card Bonus side bet lets you create a five-card poker hand using your and your dealer's cards, and it pays well if you succeed. Evolution's Teen Patti Live boasts 96.63% RTP, a €0.5 to €10,000 (₹40 to ₹2.400.000) betting range, and a 1000:1 maximum prize.

Teen Patti on Our Casino App

10CRIC offers top-notch native teen patti app that will help you bring your favourite games with you wherever you go. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and performs consistently on all devices. You can download it and gain access to all Teen Patti variants 10CRIC hosts in a few simple steps:

  1. Create a 10CRIC account by completing the registration form on its official website.

  2. Activate your account and verify your identity by providing the management team with the necessary documents.

  3. Visit the 10CRIC website, find the App Download button in the menu on the left part of the screen, and select it.

  4. Install the downloaded app files and log into your account using your username and password.

  5. Use the Cashier page to choose your preferred payment method and make a deposit.

  6. Head to 10CRIC Table and Card Games or Live Casino section and browse the available titles.

  7. Pick your favourite and start gaming!

10CRIC Teen Patti real cash app will provide an unforgettable gambling experience, thanks to its user-friendly UI, easy-to-navigate layout, and mobile-optimized software. You'll notice no difference between playing on it and playing on the web version of this casino.

Play Teen Patti With Paytm

Managing your finances is the key to responsible gambling. Therefore, you should choose a reliable, safe, and flexible way to fund your hobby and withdraw your winnings. 10CRIC partners with a whole lineup of quality payment processors, but one of them holds the top spot in popularity among Indian players. We're referring to Paytm.

Paytm — an acronym for “pay through mobile” — is a famous Indian digital payments company. It has more than a decade of experience to its name and numerous satisfied users in the online gambling community. Paytm is licensed by the Republic of India's Government and is highly regarded in the industry. Teen Patti players like it because of its ease of use, speedy transactions, and tight security.

Teen Patti Paytm cash app is a perfect way for you to top your casino account. It'll grant you round-the-clock access to your finances and let you keep track of all your transactions straight from your phone. Since it's a two-way payment solution, you can also use it to withdraw your Teen Patti winnings hassle-free. Download the app, register, and choose it as your preferred payment method on the 10CRIC platform. It doesn't get any easier than that!