FIB Bandy Odds & Betting

Bandy is an ice-based team sport where skaters use ice hockey sticks to guide a small ball towards the goal of the opposing team. This sport is regarded as a mixture of hockey and soccer. It also shares a heritage with both field hockey and ice hockey.

In bandy, all games are usually played in two 45-minute halves. Each side has 11 players on the field and the field is about the same size as a standard football field. Bandy games are played on ice, similar to ice hockey, but with bent sticks and a round ball, like in field hockey.

This game’s popularity continues to increase in India. Field hockey happens to be one of the top five most popular sports in India, and with its close relation to bandy, it’s no wonder the Indian players have taken to it. Bandy is primarily played in the parts of India where there’s snow. Because it’s an Olympic recognised sport, players don’t mind travelling to compete.

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Bandy 2021 Betting Odds

There are three main types of FIB betting odds available at 10CRIC: pre-game odds, outright odds and live odds. Let’s have a closer look at what they entail.

Pre-Game Bandy Betting Odds

Pre-game betting, or pre-match betting, occurs before the game begins. Markets close as it does. In this type of betting, you choose which of the two teams playing will win the specific game in question, or other markets, like which team will score the most goals or what the score will be at half time.

The odds in pre-game betting may often be better than those given in live play, as these odds don’t take into account if a team has an upset on the day. Perhaps, for example, the underdog team wins because the stronger team’s goalkeeper is ill or their top striker has a sudden injury early in the game.

Outright Rugby FIB Betting Odds

In outright bandy betting, your betting focuses on a whole tournament instead of individual games. These markets generally close as the season begins but can, in some cases, stay open up to halfway through a tournament. If you’re placing a bandy outright bet, you would be wagering on which bandy team you think will win the FIB world championships or who the most valuable player of the season will be.

This type of betting takes excellent insight into the teams’ statistics and how they match up against each other based on historical facts and the current players in each team.

Live Bandy 2021 Betting Odds

Live odds, or pre-game odds, as they are often also referred to, take place during actual gameplay. The markets only open as the game begins, and in this type of betting, you have multiple markets to benefit from that constantly update with every phase of the game. There are two main advantages to betting live. The first is that you can watch the game unfold and use current information to help you choose the best odds. The second is that you can cash out in live betting before the end of the game and not have to wait for your winnings.

10CRIC Bandy Betting App

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Bandy 2021 Betting Promotions

Our focus is always on user experience. We know that to keep our customers happy. We need to make betting as easy and accessible as possible. It’s for this reason that we have the variety of promotions that we offer. They’re regularly updated and even match or event-specific so you can make the most of your betting experience with us by using one of our Bandy promotions.

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FIB Bandy 2021

The Bandy World Championship 2020/2021 will be played in Irkutsk, Russia. It will be played in October 2021 and feature national teams from bandy-playing countries. The Bandy World Championship is in its fortieth year.

The Division B bandy tournament took place from March 1 to 6, 2020. Due to the global pandemic, the Division A bandy tournament was scheduled to occur from March 29 to April 5, 2020, but had to be postponed. In 2020, FIB cancelled the bandy Division A championship.

The number of teams participating reached a new high in 2019, with 20 teams entering the FIB bandy championships. Initially, the tournament was held in a round-robin format. Then FIB added semi-finals and finals to the round-robin stages from 1983. In 2003, due to the growing number of competing nations, the Bandy World Championship was divided into two categories, A and B, with the best teams participating in Division A.

For several years, the Division B winner faced the least competitive team in Division A to decide qualification for the next year's Division A. Since 2016, Division B’s winner has directly qualified for Division A in the next tournament. The last-ranked team in Division A is immediately dropped to Division B.

Bandy Betting Predictions

We’ve contacted our bandy betting experts to bring you the latest bandy tips and help you with insights into the best bandy predictions for the 2021 Bandy World Championship. Here’s what our industry experts advise.

Which Team Will Win the Bandy?

Based on previous years’ statistics, either team Sweden or team Russia will win in the bandy championships 2021. Sweden currently tops the ranks, having played 70 matches in total with a winning ratio of 77.1%, a draw ratio of 10% and a loss ratio of 12.9%. Team Russia remains hot on their heels, having also played 70 matches. Their current win ratio is 80%. Russia has a draw ratio of 7% and matches Sweden with a loss ratio of 12.9%. Russia will be defending the championship as the previous winners.

Who Will Be the Top Scorer of Bandy 2021?

The experts are looking toward Felix Callander, the Swedish forward player from Norway, the top goal scorer from the last tournament in 2019. He managed to score 17 goals throughout that season, which was his third year playing on the national team.

This player has an advantage due to his experience and will indeed be looking to retain his title in the 2021 season. He also has age on his side, as he will only be 23 years old this year — still a prime sporting age.

Who will be the MVP?

Erik Pettersson plays forward position for the Swedish bandy team and was named the 2019 most valuable player. He was also part of the Swedish championship team that won the league back in 2017. Born in 1995, he’s still at the prime sporting age of only 26 years this year. With four years of experience behind him, there are lots of reasons to believe that he will retain his title in the 2021 season.

FIB Teams

Let’s look at some information about the top bandy teams competing in the 2021 FIB World Championships.

Sweden Bandy Team

Since the early twentieth century, Sweden has played friendly matches against Finland and Norway. There were other matches against Denmark and Russia in 1907 and 1909. The games began unofficially in 1907 but became official internationals in 1919.

In the 1940s, arrangements were made to allow friendly matches against the Soviet Union, but the arrangements never materialised. At the 1952 Winter Olympics, Finland, Sweden and Norway competed in bandy. In 1954, the Soviet Union welcomed these three nations to its four-nation tournament after seeing them there. It was the very first time that a Soviet national team played against other national squads.

Russia Bandy Team

Russia joined the Federation of International Bandy after the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991. That was the first time post-Soviet Russia participated in the Russian Government Cup, which featured the Commonwealth of Independent States. The CIS was viewed as the provisional substitute for the Soviet squad and, as a result, the number one team.

The CIS didn’t play again after that tournament, and Russia represented the country in the 1993 World Championship. In a World Cup, Russia has never finished lower than seventh. The team has won the Bandy World Championship 12 times. In 1992, the post-Soviet Russian team made its debut at the Russian Government Cup.

Finland Bandy Team

In the 1907 Winter Olympics in Helsinki, The PUS club represented Finland, but a Swedish team defeated the team. Following Finland's independence, Helsinki held the first international bandy game in Helsinki during the 1919 Finnish Winter Games, which became its first global sporting occurrence. Just three players from other domestic teams, Harald Nyström of HIFK, Lars Schybergson of Kiffen, and Niilo Tammisalo of HJK, were included in the national team's roster

Hungary Bandy Team

Hungary’s national team played in the European Bandy Championships in 1913, but no Hungarian players are known to have participated. In 1990, Hungary’s national bandy team participated in the Rossiya Tournament in Novosibirsk, Soviet Union. Hungary entered the World Championships for the first time in 1991 but has yet to earn a medal.

On January 6, 2014, Hungary finished second in a four-nation tournament in Davos commemorating the centennial of the 1913 European Championship. Hungary played in Division A at the 2018 World Championships after Canada withdrew. Since the formation of Division B, this will be Hungary's first appearance in the top division.