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The top betting site for Indian players, 10CRIC offers an exclusive selection of unique bet types and markets. With highly competitive betting odds, 10CRIC lets you bet on your favourite sports in one place. With numerous top promotions, bonuses and other perks, 10CRIC will help you get an exciting new kick out of your favourite sports!

With over 60,000 unique betting events each week, we cover more than 60 international sports, including badminton betting.

10CRIC offers a variety of badminton betting events. These include those organised by the Badminton Association of India, the Canada Open and the Premier Badminton League (PBL). With top-ranked international stars, badminton fans consider India's PBL to be one of the world's top badminton leagues. It provides the best badminton India has to offer.

Known as the betting site with the best betting odds and lots of special promotions, 10CRIC is the only site you need for your badminton betting in India.

In this guide, you'll learn all about betting on badminton at 10CRIC, including the types of wagers you can place, promotions you can claim, upcoming badminton tournaments, betting tips and strategies, and more. Read on to discover how you can wager on badminton at 10CRIC and get some of the most competitive betting odds in the market.

Badminton Betting & Odds

The ultimate betting destination for badminton fans, 10CRIC offers Indian bettors highly competitive betting odds. With access to multiple markets, you can bet on the top international matches. We regularly update data on our site so you can feel confident that you’re getting the most up-to-date and competitive badminton odds available.

In the following paragraphs you will get familiar with the types of markets for Badminton betting on our site.

Pre-game Badminton Betting Odds

Also called moneyline odds, this is one of India's most popular types of betting. Placed before play begins, a pre-game badminton bet predicts who will win the entire match. These types of bets are especially suitable for newcomers who don't want to spend a lot of money right off the top.

Outright Betting Odds

Another popular betting type, outright betting involves picking a favourite player to win a badminton tournament or league. This type of betting is usually placed before play begins but can also happen after the action has started.

Live Badminton Betting Odds

Live badminton betting odds allow you to place various bets in real-time while a match is underway. For example, you could place a bet on the player or team you think will win a particular set once the match has started.

In the Upcoming PBL season, you can choose either the Raptors or Hunters to win during the game or to choose from the numerous markets.

Badminton Betting Promotions

10CRIC offers an array of unique badminton promotions and bonuses. With so many on offer, there's sure to be something for everyone. These promotions will boost your bankroll and help you take advantage of multiple offers. Open an account and get more out of your 10CRIC betting experience.

Additionally, for bets on every top badminton tournament, we provide dedicated badminton promotions. At 10CRIC, we reward your loyalty by adding and refreshing the selection of sports betting promotions and enticing offers.

Be aware that these bonuses are active in the moment of writing, for the latest offers please go to our promotional page.

Bet on Badminton with 10CRIC APP

Available for both Android and iOS users, the 10CRIC betting app features everything you need for a seamless betting experience. When you use the 10CRIC betting app on your PC, Mac or mobile device, you get the same fantastic user experience, level of security and world-class service as on our website.

With a straightforward and intuitive layout, you can easily find your favourite betting markets and the latest scores from global and Indian events. With regularly added new features and updated odds, tips and predictions, 10CRIC is one of the best betting sites for Indian players.

While 10CRIC’s betting app looks great and functions beautifully on a PC or Mac, it can be even more convenient to place bets directly from your smartphone. The 10CRIC app will allow you to place badminton wagers anytime and from anywhere.

Download the badminton app!

Upcoming Badminton Tournaments in 2023

Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Tour features 40 world-class badminton tournaments in 2023, starting with the Malaysia Open and culminating with the BWF World Tour Finals.

The 2023 season kicked off with a Super 1000 event in Kuala Lumpur in January, won by Viktor Axelsen and Akane Yamaguchi in men's and women's singles, respectively.

The world tour then moved to New Delhi for Yonex Sunrise India Open 2023, which has become a Super 750 tournament, an upgrade from its previous status of Super 500. Kunlavut Vitidsarn took the India Open 2023 title in the men’s singles category, whereas An Se-young won the women’s singles.

In March, the All England Open saw An Se-young take the title again in a thrilling match against Chen Yufei. Li Shifeng became champion in the men’s singles category by beating his compatriot Shi Yuqi in the finals.

KFF Singapore Open was held in Singapore from 6–11 June, and Yonex Canada Open took place from July 4 to July 9 in Calgary. In August, there will be a badminton world championship in Denmark, playing out in Copenhagen.

Before the BWF World Tour Finals in December, there will be three consecutive tournaments in India — one Super 300 event in Lucknow and two Super 100 events in the locations that have yet to be determined.

Of all the badminton events in the world, fans consider the tournaments in these events the best:

  • BWF India Open
  • Premier Badminton League (PBL)
  • Canada Open
  • Badminton World Federation (BWF)

10CRIC offers many betting options on these and other tournaments and exciting promotions and bonuses for each.

BWF World Championships

The BWF World Championships, which will be held in Copenhagen in August is a perfect opportunity for players to win extra points and qualify for the BWF World Tour Finals, a competition reserved for the top 8 seeded players and pairs from each category.

The BWF World Tour Finals will start on December 13.

Premier Badminton League (PBL)

Premier Badminton League (PBL) - The PBL, formerly known as Indian Badminton League, is one of the world's largest badminton leagues and features exciting top international and Indian players.

Canada Open

Canada Open - Traditionally held in September, this highly popular tournament holds matches between national teams rather than club teams. Host nation Canada has had the most success in the tournament, just ahead of England, South Korea and Denmark.

World Badminton Championship

World Badminton Championship - Renamed the MWF World Championship, players enter this championship to win prestige rather than cash prizes. Organised by the BWF, this tournament is the biggest in badminton. Along with the Summer Olympics, it offers the most ranking points. It also crowns the winner a 'World Champion'.

Thomas Cup

The 2024 Thomas Cup, known officially as the BWF Thomas Cup, is often called the World Men's Team Championships. The 2024 match will be the 33rd edition of this biennial international badminton tournament.

At 10CRIC, we offer a number of Thomas Cup betting markets. We also regularly update our betting site with the most up-to-date data to provide you with the most competitive Thomas Cup odds.

For the latest Thomas Cup draw, three pots received teams based on the World Team Rankings from March 2020. Pot one contains the four top-ranked teams of Indonesian, Japan, China and Denmark. Pot two includes the four next-best teams, and Pot three, the ninth to the 16th.

Although this is India’s first Thomas Cup title, the team took a decisive victory over the defending champions by winning the finals match with a 3–0 result. With such an impetus, we can expect the team to enter the next season with confidence.

The 2024 Thomas Cup will be held from April 8 to May 5, 2024, in Chengdu, China.

Uber Cup

Uber Cup Betting & Odds - The Uber Cup is a major international badminton competition consisting of women's national singles and doubles teams. It follows a similar format to the men's Thomas Cup, with each tournament taking place at similar times and locations. In 2022, Aarhus, Denmark, hosted both tournaments. At the Uber Cup 2022, South Korea took the title by beating China in the finals with a 3–2 result.

10CRIC offers betting on this prestigious tournament with exceptional Uber Cup betting markets and odds. We regularly update our betting site with fresh data for the best Uber Cup odds.

Since its start in 1956–1957, only five nations have won this tournament. With 15 titles, China is the most successful team and was, until recently, virtually untouchable. Japan has won six titles, followed by Indonesia and the United States, each with three. Korea has won the title twice.

Over the years, nine different teams have made it into the finals. Along with the five winning countries, the other finalist nations have been:

  • Denmark
  • England
  • Thailand
  • Netherlands

Occurring every two years, the Uber Cup is one of the most famous team events in any sport. Countries put as much time and preparation into this event as they do for the world championships.

HSBC BWF World Tour Super Badminton

The HSBC BWF World Tour is typically a circuit of 26 international tournaments that attract the world's top-ranked players. Men's and women's singles, along with men's, women's and mixed doubles players, all qualify based on rankings.

10CRIC offers betting on these tournaments with exceptional betting markets. We regularly update our betting site with the most up-to-date data to provide you with competitive odds.

These tournaments divide into five levels:

  • Super 1000 - three tournaments
  • Super 750 - five tournaments
  • Super 500 - seven tournaments
  • Super 300 - 11 tournaments
  • Super 100 - six tournaments

Each tournament offers varying levels of BWF World Tour prize money and ranking points, with the highest for both at the Super 1000 level. There are also 11 Super 100 level tournaments. These award BWF World Tour ranking points but aren't part of the BWF World Tour. Instead, players use these tournaments to qualify for the games in the HSBC BWF World Tour.

Required to play in 12 tournaments a year, the top 15 singles players and top 10 doubles pairs in the World Ranking keep busy. They must compete in all the Super 1000 and 750 tournaments and four of the seven Super 500 tournaments.

The HSBC BWF World Tour Finals tournament is the ultimate goal for players on the BWF World Tour. Only the top eight players in each of the five disciplines of the World Tour rankings qualify to compete in this final. At most, two players/pairs from the same member association can take part in the finals. The BWF World Tour Finals offer prize money of USD 1,500,000.

Badminton Betting Tips and Strategies

For starters, there is no foolproof method that will guarantee a win for every badminton bet. However, you can implement certain badminton betting tips and strategies to elevate your betting game.

Here are our top tips for more successful badminton betting:

  1. Learn about the game: Read about badminton rules and different competition formats to understand how the game works.
  2. Read up on badminton betting: Learn more about how you can bet on badminton, including what bet types and betting markets there are. Some of the most popular options are handicap wagers, straight bets, odd/even bets, and more.
  3. Keep track of teams and players: Follow the news about teams and players, such as their current form and any injuries they might have sustained. This will help you predict their performance more successfully.
  4. Investigate rivalries: Keep an eye out for any rivalries and learn which players have played the most heated matches against each other.
  5. Bet on the right site: Choose 10CRIC as your badminton betting destination. Take advantage of the most competitive betting odds and the greatest event coverage.

Badminton Live Streaming

Badminton is a fast-paced, exciting racquet game played one-on-one or in doubles. Although not as popular as tennis or table tennis, badminton attracts passionate punters and offers interesting betting opportunities.

Even though many online bookmakers offer pre-match or in-play badminton betting markets, they miss one critical aspect — badminton live streaming. That’s where 10CRIC enters the scene. The newly launched betting site covers all major events and boasts high-quality streaming for local and global badminton competitions.

For instance, if you’re looking for India Open badminton live streaming, you’ll only have to access your 10CRIC account and load the live streaming page. That way, you could follow your favourite players, including this year’s men’s singles champion, Lakshya Sen, or doubles winners, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty. You can also monitor other countries and see whether they’ll get closer to Indonesia, the most prosperous nation in the India Open.

Despite being an India-focused online bookmaker, 10CRIC also features other competitions and championships. The platform offers in-depth Korean Open badminton live streaming and event coverage, where teams from various countries gather and compete for the title. Will South Korea (47 wins) surpass China’s 50 wins? You can follow it all on the 10CRIC live streaming page.

Badminton is also prominent in Europe, so you’ll find several events on 10CRIC, including the famous German Open badminton live streaming, an annual tournament held since 1955.

Badminton gathers the most prolific players and teams worldwide as an Olympic discipline, creating thrilling and action-paced events. Since 10CRIC follows the most important events, it also includes an Olympics badminton live streaming service when this major international event takes place.

You can watch high-definition badminton live streaming, regardless of your preferences or favourite players. Just sign up at 10CRIC, load the live streaming page, press Play, and enjoy!

Get in on the action and take your betting adventure to a whole new level with 10CRIC live streaming. If you want to root for your favourite teams or players and watch as the action unfolds, you’ll have to fulfil several conditions. Check them out:

  1. Become a 10CRIC member.
  2. Make at least two deposits.
  3. Enjoy the action!

Unlocking the premium live streaming service on 10CRIC is a piece of cake. If you meet these conditions, you can enjoy unlimited live streaming of all events featured on 10CRIC. Feel the thrill of live events without wasting time finding another website.


Who is the best Indian badminton player of all time?

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is considered the best Indian badminton player of all time. She is the only Indian to become a badminton world champion.

When are major badminton tournaments played?

Major badminton tournaments are played all year long, starting with the Malaysia Open in January and ending with the BWF World Tour Finals in December.

What is a rally in badminton?

A rally marks a time in the match when the shuttlecock gets into play until it is no longer in play. In other words, the duration for which the shuttle is in play.

What is the dimension of a badminton court?

A badminton court is 13.4 metres long and 6.1 metres wide. For singles matches, the width changes to 5.18 metres.

Can I play with Indian rupees when betting on badminton?

Absolutely. 10CRIC supports betting on badminton in rupees and offers multiple payment methods for you to use to complete the transactions.