AFL Aussie Rules Odds & Betting

Aussie Rules is a unique form of rugby that provides plenty of thrilling moments thanks to its distinct guidelines. While the game has spread around the world, Australia is still home to the strongest teams. The sport's most prestigious tournament is the AFL, which is the only professional event for Aussie Rules teams. The event's 18 clubs compete in 27 rounds to determine a single victor. When it comes to Aussies Rules rugby, the AFL contains the best players in the world. This leads to many exciting matches between evenly matched teams.

Aussie Rules 2021 betting can be tricky due to the small skill gap between clubs, with games usually being difficult to predict. We at 10CRIC are massive fans of the AFL, and our site features some of the most accurate betting tools. If you're looking for the latest Aussie Rules odds, check out 10CRIC to help you make the best decision. With a range of convenient features like 24/7 support and multiple payment methods, betting on our site is an effortless experience. Visit us today to track all the stats you'll need to make the best Aussie Rules bets.

Aussie Rules 2021 Betting Odds

The Aussie Rules 2021 league is a highly competitive event, and many of the teams have a good chance of winning. Since only eight of the 18 clubs can qualify for the finals, the first 23 rounds are crucial. Because of this, Aussie Rules is the second most-watched sport in Australia, which makes it popular for sports bettors. It's essential that you have the latest AFL Betting odds to ensure you make the most accurate bets.

10CRIC's helpful interface provides you with easy access to the most recent Aussie Rules 2021 betting odds and stats. Our site features a clean design with simple navigation so you can find the exact information you need on all AFL wagers. The three main bet types and odds to track are:

  • Odds for pre-game AFL bets 10CRIC provides odds for every AFL match to help you decide on the best outcome to wager on. Whether you decide on a win, draw or loss, our individual game odds help boost your betting chances.
  • Odds for outright AFL bets Only three of the 18 AFL teams have never won a premiership. Choosing a single winner for the tournament can be challenging, so it's essential to track the odds using 10CRIC's reliable stats.
  • Odds for live AFL bets The benefit of live bets is that you can watch the odds change as the game progresses. Our AFL live betting section lets you make accurate wagers at any point during the match.

At 10CRIC, we have a comprehensive list of Aussie Rules betting odds. You can filter by individual game bets or wagers on the whole event. A convenient list of upcoming matches is also available.

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AFL Aussie Rules 2021

March 18 marked the start of the AFL Aussie Rules 2021 premiership season. The sport's top 18 teams will compete for a spot in the four-round finals series. This usually takes place throughout September and culminates in the grand final match.

Aussie Rules sets itself apart from traditional rugby with a variety of different rules. For example, throwing the ball isn't allowed, leading to the use of unique techniques like handballing. This gives the sport a distinct style that makes it entertaining for fans and bettors alike.

Some of the clubs most favoured to win the 2021 AFL season include the Geelong Cats and the Richmond Tigers. These two teams have been top predictions for the last few years and even faced off in the previous finals. The Tigers, in particular, are the ones to watch as they've won three premierships in the past four years.

Other popular clubs include the Carlton Blues, who boast a record 16 total premierships. With many teams strengthening their roster during the recent transfer window, there are loads of betting options for you to choose from.

Aussie Rules Betting Predictions

The majority of the ARL 2021's participating teams have previously won a premiership. Making accurate predictions can be difficult as a result. We got in touch with the top Aussie Rules experts to help you out and asked them for their insight into the most likely outcomes. We've collected some of their professional opinions here to give you the most accurate information before you make your Aussie Rules Predictions.

  • Which team will be the Aussie Rules 2021 overall winner? - The Richmond Tigers are the previous season's champions, and many predictions see them making the finals again. Currently, the Western Bulldogs are in the first place, although it's still early in the event to determine their chances for victory. Underdog predictions include the Adelaide Crows, who are having a solid season start despite previous underwhelming performances.
  • Who will be the Aussie Rules 2021 top scorer? - Taylor Walker is one of the Crows key players and dominated the rankings during the season's opening games. He's a popular pick for 2021's top scorer with a significant lead in goals and score. Josh Bruce from the Bulldogs trails Walker and is looking to keep his team in the top spot.
  • Who will be the Aussie Rules 2021 MVP? - While still early in the event, a few players are already making a name for themselves. Dustin Martin of the Richmond Tigers is the top-ranked overall player and has a considerable lead in MVP votes.

You can use our expert Aussie Rules Tips to help you make your bets on 10CRIC. With many impressive performances to pick from, our exclusive information aims to make your AFL 2021 betting experience as smooth as possible.

AFL Teams

The Aussie Rules league held its first tournament in 1897. Many of the clubs have been around just as long and have over a century of history and experience. All 18 teams have changed significantly over the years, with 15 of them having won at least one premiership in the past.

Every team is always looking to bring something new to the table each season. Thanks to many significant player transfers, the 2021 AFL is no different. We expected every club to give it their all, and already we see upsets in the previously established rankings.

The Adelaide Crows have broken into the top half of the league for the first time in three years. Their surprise performance has turned them into an underdog favourite for many, with an excellent chance to make the finals.

Another team edging ever closer to a premiership are the Melbourne Demons, who have won their first four AFL 2021 games consecutively. Despite this club's strong performance history with 12 total AFL wins, their last victory was way back in 1964.

Returning as the defending champions are the Richmond Tigers, one of the most consistent AFL teams. With 13 premierships, including three in the last few years, they're looking to start a streak by winning the 2021 season.

The Geelong Cats have missed out on many victories in recent seasons, usually in the preliminary finals. Many fans are hoping to see them finally succeed after finishing in second place in 2020.

Despite joining the league in 2007, the Greater Western Sydney Giants already have a grand finals qualification under their belt. As one of the newest Aussie Rules teams, they're gunning for their first ARL victory.

Many AFL clubs either have a strong performance history or impressive recent seasons. This overview of the top teams can help you narrow down your betting picks. Our up-to-date intel is a fantastic resource to use placing Aussie Rules wagers on 10CRIC.