American Football League Odds & Betting - NFL & NCAAF

American football (NFL and NCAAF) is one of the most unique sports on the planet and one of the most popular. Out of all American-based professional sports leagues, the NFL is the highest-grossing, with over $15 billion in 2019. The NCAAF, which is the college level football league in the United States, is the highest-grossing sport of its kind.

Betting on NFL or NCAAF is incredibly lucrative. Even outside of the US, players in India can’t wait to get started with their American football league 2021 betting. For gamblers in India, many prefer 10CRIC.

10CRIC is a premium option for all betting types and consistently features some of the best American football league odds on the web. From our 24/7 multilingual customer service agents to our easily navigable site design, we offer one of the most robust gambling experiences on the internet. Read below to find out how we can help bolster your American football betting experience.

American Football League 2021 Betting Odds

Before jumping right into American football betting, it’ll be important to understand the distinctions between different popular types of betting odds. The three most prominent types used with NFL odds and NCAAF odds are pre-game, outright, and live. Below, we’ll outline what they are and who we recommend them for.

Pre-game betting refers to wagers placed before an event has begun. The odds can fluctuate up until the event starts or be fixed, depending on the bookie. You’re better off wagering with pre-game odds if you already have a fairly extensive knowledge base for the sport.

Outright odds refers to wagers placed before an event has begun. The odds can fluctuate up until the event starts or be fixed, depending on the bookie. You’re better off wagering with pre-game odds if you already have a fairly extensive knowledge base for the sport. Anyone can find success with outrights, as the odds are stacked against you no matter who you pick; that being said, you have huge win potential. Many like to pick their favourite team with outrights, as it gives the season slightly higher stakes on the personal level.

Live betting is particularly exciting and an experience bolstered by 10CRIC’s mobile app. Essentially, you’ll be able to place your bet during the event itself. For an NFL game, you could place a winning bet at halftime, making it easier to scope out the flow of the game.

We recommend these for anyone who can allocate the time out of their day to watch the game. If you can’t sit and watch the game, you can place a bet in the heat of the action just as effectively using our mobile app.

10CRIC American Football League Betting App

With people on the go these days more than ever, it's no wonder that the 10CRIC betting app is so popular among our player-base. You can use it to help place bets, make deposits, and track live scores right from your mobile device. This makes it the perfect American football league betting app, as many of those matches start during the day.

Our mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. The downloading process is slightly different depending on your phone or tablet’s operating system. You must enable your device’s ability to accept downloads from external or “unknown sources.” The download links for both can be found under our App Download page.

Placing a bet on our application is incredibly simple. Upon opening it, you’ll be presented with a list of the day’s biggest and most popular events. You’ll be able to change your view depending on which sports you’d like to wager on, as well as navigate towards the account menu with a single touch.

Tap the event you’d like to bet on, enter the wager amount and you’re all set. You can also view currently active bets through the application and contact our 24/7 multilingual customer support staff.

Using the app for betting can be particularly helpful when placing live or in-play wagers. If you get a notification or update that shows a certain team is trending positively, you can jump right in and place a stake in a few clicks.

American Football League 2021 Betting Promotions

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You’ll also find specific American Football league promotions at 10CRIC when those seasons are upon us. 10CRIC features promotional deals for every major tournament and event in American Football. This includes NFL Playoffs and NCAAF Bowl games. The biggest events for professional and collegiate American football are the Super Bowl and the National Championship game.

In addition to deposit bonuses, we’ve offered deals, including free bets and cashback, in the past. That being said, we are constantly updating and tweaking our bonuses to provide the most exciting experience possible to our player base. Make sure to check our Promotions page before placing a deposit, as things may have changed.

American Football League 2021

While there aren’t many different American football leagues, the main ones are incredibly popular. The professional American football league is the NFL, and the collegiate level is the NCAAF. The NFL teams compete in the fall and winter to make it to the Super Bowl, whereas college football teams have a slew of bowl games and tournaments. The most important event in the NCAAF, however, is the National Championship game.

The benefit to American football is that no one player or even a handful of players can make a team great; it truly takes a collective effort to garner success. With that in mind, the same teams at the college level and many of the same systems at the professional level are typically among the top year in and out.

For the NCAAF, names like Alabama and Nick Saban come to mind immediately. Legends like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots do the same on the NFL side of things. While underdogs occasionally win in every sports league, you can usually predict the best football teams and players quite accurately at the beginning of the season.

NFL 2021

The biggest American football league by far is the National Football League, or NFL. The NFL stands alone as the prominent professional American football league, which is the highest-grossing sports league in the US overall. Needless to say, NFL betting is incredibly popular and lucrative.

The NFL is structured in the form of two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The rules of the game are identical in both conferences, with teams dotting the US map on both sides. Each Conference is broken up into Divisions, which help decide the playoffs. These Divisions are broken up partly by location; an NFL team will play their Divisional rivals more often throughout the season.

Each team typically plays 16 games, but this year changes have been approved by the team owners, and each team will play 17 games. These 17 games are accompanied with a bye week that happens at some point in the middle (it differs for every team every season). After the regular season, the top team of each division makes the playoffs. They are immediately accompanied by a few extra “wildcard” teams, which are the teams that have the next highest records. The Super Bowl is the championship, as well as the biggest betting event in American football. This is played by the winner of the AFC Championship and NFC Championship Games.

NCAAF 2021

NCAAF is the broad organisational name under which all college football teams fall. The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association which, for football, contains four separate tiers or divisions. The biggest and most competitive is the FBS or Football Bowl Subdivision.

This contains over 120 teams and 11 conferences. The best of these conferences are the SEC, Big XII, Pac-12, Big 10, ACC and Big East. You’ll find plenty of NCAAF betting opportunities in any of the aforementioned leagues, including the smaller ones. Throughout the season, teams will mostly play within their conference.

At the end of the season, the top team in each conference plus four additional teams make the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) bowl games. The most popular bowl games are the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. Out of all the bowl games, the top two ranking teams will play each other in the BCS National Championship game.

One of the added benefits to NCAAF betting is how fresh every season is. With players being limited to just a few years of eligibility, a team’s success comes down to the system. Within these systems, coaches fit some of the most electric young talents in the country for highlight-driven results.

American Football League Betting Predictions

Now that you know more about 10CRIC’s amazing betting opportunities and the excitement to be found in American football, we’ll let you in on some excellent American football league tips. We’ve been in contact with some of the top American football league predictions experts, and here’s what we’ve found out.

When it comes to the NFL, the biggest question we get is: Who we think will win the Super Bowl? The upcoming title game will be called Super Bowl LVI and take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. In this game, we predict a matchup between the Green Bay Packers on the NFC side and the Kansas City Chiefs from the AFC. Between these two teams, we predict the Green Bay Packers to win.

Last year saw a resurgence in quarterback Aaron Rodgers regarding his ability to drive overall team success. He was rewarded by winning the MVP award and taking the Packers to the playoffs. There, they lost in the Conference Championship game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We expect them to come back a little bit hungrier and just as cohesive following some key re-signings.

Who will win the NFL MVP Award? When it comes to this year’s MVP, we predict Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to take this honour home. Having one MVP already under his belt within the first three years of his NFL career, Mahomes will be basing his MVP campaign on the strength of his multifaceted offensive approach and monster throwing arm.

Which team will win NCAAF? For the NCAAF, we have no issues saying that Alabama is a no-brainer pick to win it all. Year in and year out, they top this list on most predictions sites and blogs. You only need two words to explain why: Nick Saban. The legendary coach of the Crimson tide never skips a beat and always has access to some of the top recruits in the country.

Who will win the NCAAF MVP award? As it relates to the country’s top talent, we pick Oklahoma Sooners QB Spencer Rattler to win the MVP. For the NCAAF, the MVP honours are known as the Heisman Trophy. It traditionally goes to a quarterback, though not always, and his explosiveness should put the Sooners on the map in 2021.

NFL Teams

Out of all 32 NFL teams, the top five worth watching are the Green Bay Packers, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Buffalo Bills, and the Cleveland Browns. Here’s why we think they’ll be the top American football league teams in the NFL and each team’s keys to success.

Green Bay Packers: The Green Bay Packers are our pick to win it all this year. Fresh off an MVP season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be looking to return with a vengeance after being knocked out of the playoffs by the eventual champions in Tampa Bay. With key player contracts being up at the end of last season, many figured that was the best chance Rodgers had left to win another ring. However, Aaron Jones surprisingly decided to re-sign with the Packers, setting themselves up for another title run.

Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City’s offensive capabilities have always been the linchpin of their success. They’ve since added key offensive linemen like Kyle Long to the mix, giving ace quarterback Patrick Mahomes even more room to operate in the pocket.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming off an electric Super Bowl run last season, impressively winning it all following major roster changes. Now, this roster has established rapport and are all signed to run it back. Key re-signings included the extension of the legendary duo of quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Buffalo Bills: The Buffalo Bills are an excellent team with the potential to win it all in 2021. Josh Allen broke out in 2020, becoming one of the top-tier quarterbacks the NFL has to offer. Look for the team to try and bolster the defensive side of things in the off-season. The Bills have already made strides on the offensive end by adding Emmanuel Sanders as a wide receiver. A good defensive back or two might deepen the roster enough to extend their chances at a Super Bowl ring.

Cleveland Browns: Often the target of jokes regarding the worst franchises in sports history, let alone American football, the Cleveland Browns are poised for a deep playoff push in 2021. They feature, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting receiving corps in the game right now with long-time friends Odell Beckham Jr. and Landry Fields. They’re also quite balanced with a defence featuring Myles Garret, one of the most intimidating defensive ends in the NFL. They’ll be looking to break their franchise’s streak of bad luck this year, and they might have just enough firepower to do it.


Out of the dozens of NCAAF American football league teams, the top four to watch out for this year are the Clemson Tigers, the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Oklahoma Sooners and the Georgia Bulldogs. Read further to find out why we think they’re the teams to watch and each team’s pathway to the National Championship.

Clemson Tigers: The Clemson Tigers, alongside the Alabama Crimson Tide, should always be considered contenders to win the BCS National Championship. The Tigers bring back four starters on the offensive line, which will pay dividends as the year continues. However, it's never been their offensive struggles that worry fans. Coming off a season that saw Clemson giving up a considerable amount of 30+ yard plays (more than they’ve given up in the past five years), the Tigers will be focused on locking down the defensive end if they want to compete for the title.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Nick Saban is one of the most critically acclaimed minds in American football, and his history of success as coach of the Crimson Tide backs it up. Their system is fantastic, and they’re always among the top universities in terms of recruited talent. At the time of writing, the only question mark for them is how healthy they can stay. Going into the season, a couple of key positions, including those on the offensive line, are riddled with injury. Luckily, the Crimson Tide have a championship pedigree and will likely adopt a “next man up” mentality.

Oklahoma Sooners: The Oklahoma Sooners, in particular quarterback Spencer Rattler, will be an exciting team for betting when it comes to futures, as well as watching in general. Before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of the 2020 college football season, Rattler was already a Heisman trophy candidate as a freshman; the award has never been won in a player’s first year at university. Another year of experience under the belt will do wonders for the Sooners’ cohesion. Look for some explosive offensive from them this season.

Georgia Bulldogs: On the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of injuries, the Georgia Bulldogs are looking much healthier than they have in the recent past. In particular, returning players at the wide receiver and linebacker positions are showing early signs of great conditioning and improving health. Georgia is also a key destination for top recruits, so only time will tell how their roster will fill out. They’ll certainly be an exciting team to watch at full strength led by ace coach Kirby Smart.